2004 1(1)

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Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 1:1 (2004)

A Systems Approach to Land Registration and Cadastre
Jaap Zevenbergen
Article (pdf)

An Overview of Land Consolidation in Europe
Arvo Vitikainen
Article (pdf)

Property Restructuring in Denmark – a Method for Achieving the Objectives of Environmental Protection and Cultural Heritage
Anne Kristine Munk Mouritsen
Article (pdf)

Institutional Arrangements: A Gate Towards Sustainable Land Use
Armands Auzins
Article (pdf)

The Difference between the N60 and BK77 Height Systems
Harli Jürgenson, Tarmo Kall
Article (pdf)

Facilitating Construction Briefing – From the Client’s Perspective
Nina Ryd
Article (pdf)

A Swedish Perspective on the Prevention of Moisture Problems During the Building’s Design Phase
Stephen Burke, Veronica Yverås
Article (pdf)