2005 2(2)

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Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 2:2 (2005)

Estimating the weights of location attributes with the Analytic Hierarchy Process in Donetsk, Ukraine
Marko Kryvobokov
Article (pdf)

On the Recursive Estimation of Hedonic Prices of Land
Marko Hannonen
Article (pdf)

A Note on a Borrower’s Optimum Choice of Points and Mortgage Interest
Colin M. Ramsay, Victor I. Oguledo
Article (pdf)

Introduction into atom interferometric gravity measurements
Klaus Börger
Article (pdf)

NGOS – The Nordic Geodetic Observing System
Markku Poutanen, Per Knudsen, Mikael Lilje, Torbjørn Nørbech, Hans-Peter Plag, Hans-Georg Scherneck
Article (pdf)