2007 (2)

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Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 4:2 (2007)

The Local Geoid Model of Cameroon: CGM05
Joseph Kamguia, Charles T. Tabod, R. Nouayou, J.M. Tadjou, E. Manguelle-Dicoum, H.L. Kande
Article (pdf)

Terrestrial Photography for Verification of Airborne Laser Scanner Data on Hintereisferner in Austria
Kajuutti Kari, Olli Jokinen, Thomas Geist, Tuija Pitkänen
Article (pdf)

Public Roads and Readjustments of Real Properties and Private Access Roads. A Case Study of Planning Procedures
Seija Kotilainen
Article (pdf)

Absolute Gravity Measurements and Gravity Networks in South America
Maria Cristina Pacino
Article (pdf)