2016 (2)

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Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 11:2 (2016)

This issue was supported by

National Land Survey of Finland

Use of a Fuzzy Decision-making Approach in an Analysis of the Vulnerability of Street Networks for Disaster Management
Zhe Zhang, and Kirsi Virrantaus
Article (pdf)

Keywords: Fuzzy multiple-attribute decision-making, spatial network vulnerability analysis, GIS, disaster management
Published online 20 September 2016

Urban Land Governance: “Action Space”, Legitimacy of and Intervention Strategies for Urban Informal Settlements in Nepal
Reshma Shrestha, Arbind Tuladhar, Jaap Zevenbergen, and Mahesh Banskota
Article (pdf)

Keywords: Informal settlements, “Action Space”, Legal legitimacy, Social legitimacy, Intervention strategies
Published online 20 September 2016