2016 11(2)

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Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 11:2 (2016)

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This is the second issue of Volume 11 of the Nordic Journal of Surveying and
Real Estate Research (NJSR). The Journal is published by the Finnish Society of
Built Environment Research (former Finnish Society of Surveying Sciences) and
is sponsored by the National Land Survey of Finland.

NJSR strives to publish articles of high scientific relevance in all of the cadastral,
real estate, mapping and surveying sciences. NJSR is a peer-reviewed journal using
a double-blind review process.

From now on, I will handle the floor to the new Editor in Chief, Dr. Riikka Kyrö.
I am convinced that her passion and contribution will increase the quality and accessibility
of the Journal.

I personally invite you all to familiarize yourselves with our new website www.
njsr.fi and also to find us on social media (Facebook: Nordic Journal of Surveying
and Real Estate Research; Twitter: @NJSR_editor).

Dr. Kirsikka Riekkinen
Editor in Chief

Use of a Fuzzy Decision-making Approach in an Analysis of the Vulnerability of Street Networks for Disaster Management
Zhe Zhang, and Kirsi Virrantaus
Article (pdf)

Keywords: Fuzzy multiple-attribute decision-making, spatial network vulnerability analysis, GIS, disaster management
Published online 20 September 2016

Urban Land Governance: “Action Space”, Legitimacy of and Intervention Strategies for Urban Informal Settlements in Nepal
Reshma Shrestha, Arbind Tuladhar, Jaap Zevenbergen, and Mahesh Banskota
Article (pdf)

Keywords: Informal settlements, “Action Space”, Legal legitimacy, Social legitimacy, Intervention strategies
Published online 20 September 2016