2021 16(1)

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Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 16:1 (2021)

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The Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research Issue 16:1 comprises two very interesting papers from the Nordics. The studies come from the fields of Real Estate Economics and Land Management, as is fitting for our journal’s tradition.

The first paper by Fredrik Kopsch, Ólafur Sindri Helgason, Alexandra Hansson, and Felicia Johansson examines the impact of list prices on transaction outcomes in the unique Icelandic context. The paper finds that, the choice of list price does affect transaction outcomes. A low list price  adversely affects transaction price, but speeds up the transaction process, confirming the suspected trade-off.

The second paper is a Finnish case study on the recent developments in the municipal operating environment, including digitalisation of building permitting. The paper concludes that conclusion, fostering a new way of thinking and redesigning the public sector’s operating model are essential in order to enable the adaptation of regulatory renewal, digitalisation and the sustainable use of resources.

This year, we are particularly glad that both papers have a strong link to practice. The findings should be valuable to real estate researchers and practitioners alike.

NJSR wishes to thank all authors and reviewers for their valuable input in 2021!

Riikka Kyrö


 The Role of List Price in Transaction Outcomes

Fredrik Kopsch, Ólafur Sindri Helgason, Alexandra Hansson, and Felicia Johansson
Article (pdf)

Keywords: anchoring effect, duration model, hedonic pricing model, list price, pricing strategies, real estate agents, sales price, trade-off

Published online 30 June 2021

Improving Efficiency in Finnish Public Land Use Processes – Regulatory Change and Digitalisation in Focus

Kimmo Sulonen and Jouni Vastamäki
Article (pdf)

Keywords: building permit, efficiency, digitalisation, operating model, public sector

Published online 24 January 2021