Aim and Scope

NJSR covers the wide and multidisciplinary field of built environment research. NJSR monitors innovations in theory, practice, tools, and analysis techniques, and legislation. Scientific research that imposes practical implications is most welcomed. Featured topics comprise:

Cadastre and Land Management
• New technologies
• Land policy and reform
• Multi-dimensional cadaster
• Land rights
• Land administration

Urban and Regional Planning and Development
• Urbanization and megacities
• Planning policies
• Climate change mitigation
• Disaster and environmental management
• Sustainable land use
• Urban infill and redevelopment
• Urban and regional economics

Real Estate Management
• Asset, property and facility management
• Corporate real estate management
• Housing research
• Market research, analysis and forecasting
• Real estate valuation and appraisal
• Real estate investment and finance
• Sustainable buildings and workplaces

Spatial Information Management (SIM)
• Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) at local, regional, national and global level
• 2D/3D/4D geospatial models, algorithms, visualization, standards and application
• Web and mobile GIS applications
• Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)

Construction Economics and Management
• Project procurement and tendering
• Project management
• Lifecycle Costing (LCC)
• Building Information Modeling (BIM)
• Sustainable construction and development
• Innovative and cost-effective building technologies

The above list is a compilation of contemporary topics within the field, and non-exhaustive.

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Please also note that, NJSR publishes Special Series. For suggestions of Special Series from e.g. conference proceedings, please contact the editor-in-chief at: riikka.kyro[at]