Special Series 5 Malmö RERC 2020

Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research Special Series Vol. 5
Malmö Real Estate Research Conference 2020

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Guest editors

Peter Palm, Urban Studies, Malmö University, Sweden
Saija Toivonen, Built Environment, Aalto University, Finland.

Full issue with editorial (pdf)

Published online 17 November 2020

 Rental Legislation and the Changing Icelandic Rental Market

Ólafur Sindri Helgason and Fredrik Kopsch
Article (pdf)

Keywords: Iceland, rental markets, rent legislation, transaction costs

Impact of Shopping Malls on Apartment Prices: the Case of Stockholm

Runfeng Long and Mats Wilhelmsson
Article (pdf)

Keywords: hedonic, shopping mall, spillover effect

Managing Stakeholders in a Housing Renovation Project – a Teaching Case on Real Estate Project Management

Ju Liu, Karin Staffanson Pauli and Marcus Johansson
Article (pdf)

Keywords: housing renovation, project management, stakeholder management, teaching case