2005 2(1)

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Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 2:1 (2005)

Accounting Costs of Transactions in Real Estate – The Case of Denmark
Erik Stubkjær
Article (pdf)

The Treatment of Costs of Ownership Transfer in the Danish National Accounts
Christian Gysting
Article (pdf)

Towards National Real Estate Accounts – The Case of Slovenia
Ivo Lavrac
Article (pdf)

Corporate Real Estate Ownership and the Market for Sale and Leasebacks in Finland
Antti Louko
Article (pdf)

Economics of Property Formation – Adjustment of Property Boundaries with Examples from Swedish Legislation
Thomas Kalbro
Article (pdf)

Private Claims on Nature Domains – Whether Privatisation of Hungarian Land Affects Ecological Networks
Terry van Dijk, Janos Prutkay
Article (pdf)

Legal Cadastral Domain Model – An Object-oriented Approach
Jesper M. Paasch
Article (pdf)

Public Private Partnership in Land Development Contracts – A Comparative Study in Finland and in the Netherlands
Kari I. Leväinen, Willem Korthals Altes
Article (pdf)