2018 13(1)

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Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 13:1 (2018)

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NJSR issue 13(1) showcases once again the varying scope of built environment research. The first contribution of the issue is a Finnish-Ethiopian collaboration discussing the positional accuracy validation of digital orthophoto mapping. The case study for the research comes from Bahir Dar City in Ethiopia.

The second contribution examines Finnish office buildings, more specifically how far and how often companies relocate their headquarters. Based on the findings, headquarters tend to relocate rather close to the previous location.

The third contribution discusses the investment demand of commercial real estate at a low interest rate environment, e.g., the zero lower bound (ZLB). The study finds the weighted average cost of capital may be an alternative to the capital asset pricing model for offensive and defensive investments.

Finally, the fourth and final contribution of the 2018 issue, takes us to the fascinating world of 3D modeling in the built environment. Studying and experimenting with existing browser based interactive visualizations in Finland, the authors suggest a list of essential capabilities for online 3D.

The Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research wants to thank all authors for their contributions during 2018, and looks forward to continued collaboration.

Wishing everyone a prosperous, productive and most of all happy 2019!

Riikka Kyrö

Positional Accuracy Validation of Digital Orthophoto Mapping: Case Bahir Dar City, Ethiopia
Zinabu Getahun Sisay, Tulu Besha Bedada, Berhan Gessesse, Martin Vermeer
Article (pdf)

Keywords: Ethiopia, urban planning, orthophoto map, Global Positioning, System, positional accuracy, cadastre

Published online 9 April 2018

How Far and Often Do Organizations Relocate Offices? Finnish HQ Relocations Suggest a Close Proximity to the Old Location
Matti Christersson, James Culley
Article (pdf)

Keywords: Corporate Real Estate Management, Relocation, Headquarters (HQs), Finland

Published online 18 May 2018

Commercial Real Estate at the ZLB: Investment Demand and CAPM-WACC Invariance
Bjørnar Karlsen Kivedal, Trond Arne Borgersen
Article (pdf)

Keywords: commercial real estate, net-present value (NPV), capital asset pricing model (CAPM), model invariance, weighted average cost of capital (WACC), zero lower bound (ZLB)

Published online 9 July 2018

Browser Based 3D for the Built Environment
Juho-Pekka Virtanen, Hannu Hyyppä, Matti Kurkela, Matti T Vaaja, Tuulia Puustinen, Kaisa Jaalama, Arttu Julin, Matti Pouke, Antero Kukko, Tuomas Turppa, Lingli Zhu, Timo Ojala, Juha Hyyppä
Article (pdf)

Keywords: 3D, game engine, online, virtual, web tools

Published online 13 December 2018