2009 (2)

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Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 6:2 (2009)

Characteristics of Property Units in Ethiopia, the Case of Two Pilot Projects in Amhara National Regional State
Teshome Taffa
Article (pdf)

Evaluating the Strategies for Marketing Project Management System in the Nigerian Construction Industry
Godwin Idoro, J.B. Patunola-Ajayi
Article (pdf)

The protection of property rights through compensation – observations from Taiwan
Tzu-Chin Lin
Article (pdf)

Measurement of Flatness of a Portal Crane Collar
Wojciech Anigacz, Damian Beben
Article (pdf)

Private, Common, and Open Access Property Rights in Land – An Investigation of Economic Principles and Legislation
Peter Ekbäck
Article (pdf)