2004 1(2)

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Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 1:2 (2004)

Development of a System Calibration Comparator for Digital Levels in Finland
Mikko Takalo, Paavo Rouhiainen
Article (pdf)

External Quality Control of Medium-scale Orthophoto Production – case Finnish Land Parcel Identification System
Eija Honkavaara, Lauri Markelin, Jorma Marttinen, Matti Vilander
Article (pdf)

Measurement of Housing Preferences – a Comparison of Research Activity in the Netherlands and Finlande
Jan Kersloot, Tom Kauko
Article (pdf)

Scenario Planning to Define a Public Real Estate Strategy
Geert Dewulf, Pity van der Schaaf
Article (pdf)

Tangible Workspace for Intangible Work
Suvi Nenonen
Article (pdf)

A model integrating the facilities management process with the building end user’s business process (ProFacil)
Berndt Lundgren, Bo-Christer Björk
Article (pdf)

Modelling Contracting Procedure and the Concept of the Service Portfolio for Finnish Municipalities using SADT Technique
Mika Siltala
Article (pdf)