2019 14(1)

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Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 14:1 (2019)

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NJSR Issue 14:1 comprises three excellent original research papers from the Nordics. The studies represent the fields of Land Management, Real Estate Economics and Law, in line with our journal’s wide and varied scope.

The first contribution by Anna Granath Hansson addresses affordable, or inclusionary housing through case studies in Sweden and Germany. The paper concludes that, although the two countries in general have similar objectives and structures, there are significant differences in the underlying institutions, as well as the level of public land ownership.

The second contribution is an interesting cross-disciplinary undertaking on what automatization in the public sector will mean for legal decision-making. Magnus Hjelmblom et al. describe and analyze a fictitious property subdivision case from Sweden, focusing on the legal relations between different entities and parties.

The third and final contribution in 2019 examines the various effects of land consolidation in a Norwegian context, focusing on rural areas. Helén Elisabeth Elvestad and Per Kåre Sky find that, the effects of land consolidation are difficult to estimate or to calculate, but may be divided into economic, spatial, legal, environmental and social effects.

The Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research wishes to thank all authors and reviewers for their valuable input in 2019.

Looking forward to a new decade of built environment research!

Riikka Kyrö


Inclusionary Housing Policies in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Stuttgart, Germany: The Importance of Norms and Institutions
Anna Granath Hansson
Article (pdf)

Keywords: affordable housing, housing policy, housing systems, inclusionary housing (IH), municipal land

Published online 13 March 2019

Towards Automation of the Swedish Property Formation Process: A Structural and Logical Analysis of Property Subdivision
Magnus Hjelmblom, Jesper M. Paasch, Jenny Paulsson, Marina Edlund, and Fredrik Bökman
Article (pdf)

Keywords: cadastre, land management, digitalisation, automation, subdivision, real property, LADM, normative positions

Published online 26 June 2019

Effects of Land Consolidation in Norway
Helén Elisabeth Elvestad and Per Kåre Sky
Article (pdf)

Keywords: environmental effects, economic effects, juridical effects, land consolidation, social effects, spatial effects, rural developments

Published online 7 August 2019